Tech from China – OneOdio M Studio Headphones

I’ve never really been much for headphones or earphones until this year, with more time spent at home because of the current Corona virus situation, I’ve wanted some privacy when listening to music, playing games and watching videos.

So let me introduce the OneOdio M Wireless Studio M Y80B headphones, direct from AliExpress shipped from China. They cost around $30 on sale down from $50 and are surprisingly good, not only in terms of sound but also build quality.

In the box you’ll find the headphones, a pouch for storage, a charging cable, audio cables to plug directly into a phone or computer, attached to the audio cable is a microphone and a split cable for output and input. They work on all game consoles too, but with PlayStation and the Switch you need to use the cable as they won’t work via Bluetooth. One thing I should mention is that the box did come damaged while in shipping, however the items inside were fine.

Charging time seems to take around one hour for a full charge, a little led turns blue from red when fully charged, it takes a 5 pin USB cable, I would of liked to have seen USB C, however I think that would have raised the price.

Connecting to the computer via Bluetooth is simple and takes less than five seconds to connect, from there you can control the computer and headphone volume using the buttons on the headphones.

For the price, sound quality is very good, it has a heavy bass which some people may not like but it offers a rich overall sound, while playing games such as Far Cry 5 they pick up a lot of the atmospheric sounds such as the birds, cars, boats and planes. They also picked up sounds that my other headphones wouldn’t pick up like enemies coming up from behind. Listening to music on Spotify with them is also nice and picks up lots of sounds from songs I’ve not really heard before.

While they don’t have any noise cancellation built in, the fit around the ear muffs blocks out lots of outside sounds. They also fit nicely on my head and the ear muffs can move almost 360 degrees, so they offer a fit for any type of head shape. The longest time I wore them was around 6 hours and they didn’t feel uncomfortable, the padding and freedom of movement provides an enjoyable time using them.

This wasn’t my first time using OneOdio headphones, just before Christmas I picked up a pair of non wireless ones that basically are the same however a little smaller and not as comfortable on the ears. Both though can be connected together using wires so you can share what someone is listening to which I think is a nice feature. They advertise over 80 hours of playback on wireless which isn’t too far off, I’ve averaged around 75 hours playback so far.

Shipping from China was free and took around a week to arrive in Korea. At the time I bought them they had a sale on them, they seem to have good reviews from others on AliExpress. I would definitely recommend them if you’re looking for a pair of good wired/wireless headphones without breaking the bank, they look like beats but for a fraction of the price.

For people who have asked where they can get them, they can be found at the link above.

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