Google Socks

Over the years I’ve reviewed a number of places on Google Maps, pretty much worldwide, from little coffee shops to big chain restaurants. My phone always buzzing me and asking me if I’d visited a particular place, asking me how I thought it was and to give the establishment a rating of up to five stars.

Well Google have finally rewarded me with some socks! Yes my local guide hobby has finally paid off and I’ve got some ‘lovely’ blue socks, luckily enough blue is my favorite color!

I actually received an email in January informing me that I had been rewarded a gift, didn’t think anything of it, however I checked to make sure the email was legit and decided to fill in the details and left it at that. I actually didn’t expect anything to show up.

Surprisingly around a month later a white cardboard envelope with orange stars arrived with my name on it informing me it was a ‘gift’ valued at a whole $1! Enclosed was a note thanking me for helping folk who used Google Maps and the socks.

So it does really pay off to post a little review on Google Maps. I’ve started to do it a lot more these days as I’m trying to unlock a few achievements and hopefully I can add to my Google Maps trophy collection!

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